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Golden Retrievers "English Type"

We have been raising Golden Retrievers for 25+ years! We are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, the Mile High Golden Retriever Club and The Golden Retriever Club of UK (England). Golden's are perfect as family dogs. They live only to please and are that much happier if they have a job to do ... Be it fetching your slippers, hunting, obedience, agility or just being there for you. Goldens are very loyal companions and will always put their masters before themselves.

We attempt to breed 1-2 litters a year and are proud to mention that several of our puppies sold have become successful Therapy Dogs. It is well known that English (type) Goldens have the perfect temperament for this line of work. These bloodlines produce amazingly calm, laid back, sweet loyal dogs that are a pleasure to live with, work or show. Feel free to email for more info on puppies and pricing.

***Please note: We do not ship puppies in cargo.***


What is the "ENGLISH TYPE" Golden Retriever?

* Heads are blockier, showing more stop and more chiseling under the eye.

* Better pigmentation on nose, lips and around eyes.

* Eyes are darker and slightly larger.

* Females my appear more "doggy" (male like).

* Less rear angulation for more balanced movement.

 * Cream color ... specifically permitted int the English Standard.

 * Very calm, laid back temperaments even as puppies.

For more information, please go to British Style Goldens in North America.

Friday, September 18, 2020