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Welcome to High Country Critters. After 23 years in Yaks we are just as excited as the first year! One never gets tired of looking at these
majestic gentle souls that show their love and appreciation on a daily basis.

If you are looking for Full Foundation, IYAK/WHYC registered, DNA tested, well socialized, tame yaks that are accustomed to 'the human touch', yet sold at a very affordable price...you have come to the right place. Every one of our Yaks have pedigrees that go back to the very first yaks imported into the US!!
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Our 35 acre ranch is located in Colorado Springs, CO. we are in the tiny town called Black Forest ,known for its many miles of Ponderosa Pines...(and the fire of 2013) that sits at the top of the Palmer Divide at 7600'. This elevation and altitude is perfect for yaks, they enjoy cooler summers and even 'cooler' winters.

Mike and I (Lynda) purchased our first yaks in 2001, the first in El Paso County in fact. We were looking for the perfect livestock that would utilize our 35 acres the best and yet change our zoning to Agricultural for the reduction in property taxes. After a lot of research, we decided Yaks fit the bill the best! I am a certified dog groomer so the thought of 'brushing yaks' and collecting the fiber was right up my alley. For 23 years, we have brushed the yaks every spring and sold the raw fiber for spinning and weaving. The money made pays for 40% of the yaks hay needed for winter.

The fact that you can feed 3 yaks on what it takes to feed 1 beef cow is a very economical asset as well. Yak meat is 97% lean, low in cholesterol and sweeter than buffalo. Yak is our preferred meat to eat, we always have a freezer full, but we rarely butcher any of our own yaks. It is hard when you name them, pet and scratch them every day, and pray for their health and safety every night.

The best part about raising yaks is the babies...are they not the cutest thing ever? We are fortunate to have a small enough herd that we can interact with the calves from birth. Each calf is imprinted and spends the 1st week of its life with just us and its mama, then once back in the herd they are always comfortable when we are around and usually seek us out for head and butt scratches and even to be brushed.

Some of you may know of us through our first yak bull of 14+ years...Sherpa H100 (seen in our logo). He was known to produce kind gentle, laid back calves and his blood line is well sought after even today. Sherpa would lay in the corral as Mike trimmed his hooves and I gave him a whole body brushing. Our current bull ' HPY Thor Y052' is extremely tame and gentle, and that trait is passed down in his offspring as well. Thor has a top notch pedigree, in todays standards which combines 3 of the most famous bloodlines (see Living Diamond Ranch). Our goal is to combine the old (taller) bloodlines from Sherpa with the stockier woolier lines from Thor for the best of both worlds.

We only require a deposit to hold our calves until delivery/pickup at weaning age. We will deliver within a 150mi. radius, all calves are IYAK registered, vaccinated and wormed prior to leaving. We also provide a 5+ page Yak Care Guide to get you started in Yaks. We are here to help you for the life of that yak! We don't sell yaks for meat, only as high quality breeding and fiber animals or as pasture pets.

Please view the yaks we have for sale, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices and we do offer discounts for multiple yaks and repeat buy