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GBH4 Molly (aka Yelsa) C242 'deseased'

Our 1st yak cow, purchased in 2001!

Yak , Cow (female) |Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# i42 | DOB: 1/1/1990

Sire: Hyder Herd
Dam: Hyder Herd


GBH4 Molly i42 (aka Yelsa to us) was our very first yak purchased from Gene and Bea Hurley in Guffey CO. in 2001. We ended up adding others to the deal but Yelsa and her 6mo. old heifer calf Yonkers started the whole yak deal with us. Yelsa was not the prettiest yak cow but when bred to our then bull Sherpa H100... she through beautiful, gorgeous calves, that grew into stunning adult yaks. Their most famous boy was PY1 Yuki who sired many, many calves that were shown at the NWSS by Patty and Degrey from Patty yaks in Uray CO.

Yelsa was 11 when we got her, and she ended up giving us 7 more calves before she died at 18.5yrs. old... a pretty good investment from the start. She was not real trusting of people, but she sure allowed us to interact with her calves and they turned out so nice! I think she loved us but didn't want to admit it.

Updated 1/27/2024