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SBRi42 "Yosie" (at HCC) 'deceased'

an oldie but a goodie

Yak , Cow (female) |Royal

IYAK - Foundation# i42 | DOB: 5/22/1999

Sire: Rambo
Dam: unknown


Yosie turned out to be one of our smartest yak purchases, we purchased her from a young gal in MT. that needed money to go to college in 2009. Yosie was 10 yrs. old, bred, IYAK registered and... had a beautiful 6mo. old Trim heifer calf at her side (our Yenna R076 who is still with us in 2024).

Once all cleaned up and brushed out, she actually was quite a pretty cow, she never had much handling but was respectful to me and Mike...unless you wanted to trim her hooves (she got used to it). In 2010 she gave birth to a beautiful Native Trim heifer we named Yabby, but she turned out to be sterile (was probably conceived as a twin). Yabby went to a pet home which is okay because Yosie bred to our Sherpa H100 she gave us 3 more calves which more than paid for her, Yenna, Yabby and being hauled here, and she gave us a lot of nice fiber to sell for many years. She lived to the ripe old age of 18.5.

Updated 1/27/2024