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CJKH Diamond G101 (at HCC) 'deceased'

Good OLD lines, gorgeous N-Trim

Yak , Cow (female) |Native Trim

IYAK - Foundation# G101 | DOB: 7/25/1997

Sire: unknown
Dam: Kamet N/R


Diamond G101 was a gorgeous Native Trim, she looked just like the Plateau Yaks in Tibet...the real deal! She came to us with Sherpa H100 in 2001 from Cynthia Huber of Duckett Creek Ranch in Hillside CO. Cynthia had purchased her as a bottle baby and what a baby she was...she was extremely friendly yet spoiled and thought she was human. She ruled over the other cows most of her life and completely stole our hearts. She loved to be brushed and scratched and when she got old and cold, she'd let us put a horse blanket on her and lock her in the barn. She gave us lots of very tame calves including the well-known "HPY Yogan O025" yes....Yogan was born here, but stupid us didn't register him so HPY Yaks did and put their ranch initials Infront of his name instead of HCC.

Updated 1/27/2024