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2KR Melissa Z053 (aka Yolissa at HCC)

Yo-yo/Sherpa lines, goes back to C001

Yak , Cow (female) |Native

IYAK - Foundation# Z053, WHYC# Z053 | DOB: 6/18/2012 (11 yrs)

Sire: HCC Yobama S037
Dam: HPY Olive S042
Not for Sale
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Melissa...now called Yolissa, to keep with our 'Y' name tradition here at HCC has been a very pleasant addition to our herd. She came to us and our herd of 6 cows and 1 bull at the age of 6.5 and within 1 week of being here it was like she was born here! She has been very trusting and friendly with Mike and I, and quite courteous to the other 6 cows all while obtaining the status of 3rd place female rather quickly.

Purchasing her has been the result of several years of searching to carry on Yo-yo K004 and Sherpa's H100 combined bloodline. Sherpa was our first bull of 14 years (died in 2012) and was extremely kind and gentle (his lines are still well sought after today). Though hard to trace, IYAK believes his lines go back to LDR Crown Royal C002...the second yak ever registered with IYAK!

Yo-yo made it to 19 yrs. and was the last of our original 4 females yaks bought in 2001. She had been with us since 6mo. old! Yo-yo's pedigree is to die for! Full of those old bloodlines imported from Canada in the 80's. Her great grandfather is Sargent Pepper COO1...not only imported, but the very first yak registered by IYAK.

So now you can see why Yolissa is such a treasure to our breeding program, we now have granddaughters to all 5 of Sherpa's 'wives' that can be bred to our current (gorgeous) bull Thor Y052. We are combining the older large/taller lines with that of the newer more compact lines with more fiber. The best of both worlds! My 20 yr. breeding program is now complete. You would not believe the gorgeous, friendly babies Yolissa and Thor produce.

Thanks Brad and Mary Jo for making this dream a reality.

Updated 1/26/2024