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HCC Yenna R076

beautiful N-Trim with surprise pedigree

Yak , Cow (female) |Native Trim

IYAK - Foundation# R076, WHYC# R076 | DOB: 9/4/2008 (15 yrs)

Sire: SBR 0117 (Hank)
Dam: SBR I42 Yosie
Not for Sale
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Yenna was a pleasant surprise when purchased at 6mo. old with her pregnant Royal mama (I42 Yosie) from a MT. rancher getting out of Yaks. Too bad Yosie's lineage was not documented...she was a nice looking Royal. Luckily Yenna's sire SBR 0117 (Hank) has a great history...he is a Dreadlock son which goes back to Wooly Bully who was imported from Canada with the original group of yaks coming to the US.

Yenna herself is half wooly, quite large, a very pretty girl who had grown very attached to us. She has given us tons of fiber and numerous gorgeous calves with both Sherpa and now Thor. She is worth her weight in gold here at HCC...please see the info on her daughter Yarrow A033...a miracle in our eyes.

Updated 1/26/2024